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Sunday, April 29, 2012

WoWMarketeer's New Website!

I will no longer be blogging here on blogger.  Please change your bookmarks to our new site address over at

My section can be seen here

Thanks for all your support and see you there!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

TradeSkillMaster Goes Above and Beyond to Help You!

Sapu, lead developer of TradeSkillMaster auctioning addon is hard at work on something new that will help everyone when it comes to learning how to use TSM.

New help buttons will be placed throughout different TSM areas that will link to guides or videos on how to use the sections. This is being added to further help people learn how to use TSM and it's different modules and abilities.

It's always nice to have an easy way to find tutorials and guides and Sapu makes this as easy as it gets. Sapu will be choosing videos and guides made by his fans and followers that best suit each section or module of the addon.

Image courtesy of Sapu via e-mail

This will hopefully cut down on alot of questions people have about using TSM.  I get alot of questions on my live stream about how to use certain parts of TSM and this is the perfect solution for beginners.

Expect to see the new feature added very soon.  See Sapu's post here on the Consortium forums.

Be sure to swing by Sapu's live stream and click follow to participate in his LIVE Q&A streams where he takes questions and comments about anything TSM related.  Also follow him on twitter @Sapu94 to get updates.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How To: Calculate the Cost to Level a Profession

Hello everyone! Today I am going to show you a quick way to establish the cost of leveling a profession based on auction house prices on your realm. If your like me and you loath farming mats to level a profession or you just have loads of gold and don't care about farming for the mats this little nook in the internet may be something you want to bookmark.

Often times in my live stream I get people asking me how much it would cost to level a profession.  We all know it really depends on what realm your on and how the economy on said realm is.  I did a little research and found a pretty amazing tool.  Warcraft Professional is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to power level a profession from the auction house.

Warcraft Professional is a very easy tool to use.  Simply put in the profession you want to level, US or EU, choose your realm then click "Fetch".  It may take a minute or two to crunch data but this is part of the process.  Once it's finished, it will display the cost in a large box that you cannot miss.  See the image below.

Now that you know the cost to level the profession you can also view the shopping lists and even a leveling guide that tells you exactly what you need to buy from your auction house.  It even has wowhead tooltips that show you what the items look like.

Some realms might show ridiculous prices but that is only because someone has more than likely posted an item on the auction house way overpriced.  So it's best to look through the shopping list to see which items are boosting the price so high and try to either farm them yourself or buy them from trade chat.

This is a site I added to my bookmarks of sites to share with my WoW friends aswell as my fan-base here on WoWMarketeer.  Check it out and be sure to share this awesome site with your friends.  You can also follow Warcraft Professional on Twitter.  Do us a favor and tweet out this post!

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How To: Find BoE Vendor Items to Sell

Hello everyone! I was thinking about all the vendor recipes you can buy and resell across Azeroth. You may have seen this post here about some of my favorite pets I like to sell that I buy off of vendors. This is something I have been doing since Wrath. I don't do it to make tons of gold but I do it more as a side project for something different and less monotonous.

So you can get to the list by going here. I simply put in a few filters and was able to come up with a list of every boe recipe sold by a vendor in the game both Horde and Aliance. This list covers Formulas, Recipies, Designs, Schematics, Plans, Tomes and Techniques. Consider it the Holy Grail of BoE vendor lists =)

If you want to know where to get the items, simply click on the item in the list and then click on the "sold by" tab like the image below.

This gives you the name of the vendor and will also display the location where it is.  If you want more details with a map and a pinpoint where the vendor is just click on the vendor name and it will show you a map with a pinpoint and coordinates like the image below.

This concludes how to find BoE vendor items to sell in World of Warcraft.  Be sure to bookmark this page or this link for future reference!

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Dressing for the Occasion

The time is here where the grass is greening up and the leaves are growing back on the trees after a harsh winter. Noble Garden is here and everyone in Azeroth is excited to get their new Swift Springstrider mount from collecting Brightly Colored Eggs. Some of you may not be aware but there is a small chance that you can get the mount from the eggs you open! I was farming these eggs for over 2 hours yesterday before my wife crawled out of bed to farm up about 30 eggs and all of the sudden I heard her say "OMG AWESOME! I GOT THE MOUNT FROM AN EGG!".

Every year during Noble Garden I craft up the tuxedo shirt, tuxedo pants and tuxedo jacket to sell on the auction house. Sales are decent but I always seem to make more gold off the patterns!

Here's what you need to do and where to go.

Go to Undercity to Milie Gregorian and buy the patterns. She sells all three patterns for less than 40s each or Oufitter Eric in Ironforge if your Aliance.  I typically sell them for around 100g or more!

Pattern: Tuxedo Jacket
Pattern: Tuxedo Pants
Pattern: Tuxedo Shirt

So not only can you sell the crafted clothing but you can sell the patterns too! Keep in mind the patters are on a 15-20 minute timer but that didnt stop me from parking an alt there to log on to a few times a day.

What are you waiting for? Go get those patterns and sell them on your auction house!

Lastly I wont forget to mention our little furry critter!

Spring Rabbit: Summoned with the Spring Rabbit’s foot, this fuzzy companion can be found in Brightly Colored Eggs or purchased from Noblegarden Merchants and Vendors.  So selling this on the auction house during Noblegarden more than likely wont bring you in big gold so this might be worth hanging onto for the MoP pet hype!

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Creator of TSM Joins me Live!

Just to recap for those who missed the guest show starring Sapu, I have the highlight right here so you can watch it.  For those who dont know, Sapu is the creator and lead developer of Trade Skill Master auctioning add-on for WoW.  Trade Skill Master is the fastest growing auctioning add-on to date.  Check out the video as he answers a few fan questions and talks about what inspired him to make TSM.  The first couple minutes it is hard to hear Sapu but I quickly figured out the problem so just give it 2 minutes to fix at the beginning.

Watch live video from wowmarketeer on TwitchTV
Sapu's contact info

Twitter: @Sapu94
Twitch: (be sure to follow)

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Arida's Favorite Flipping Markets

Often times I get bored of the same old gold making methods such as crafting flasks, vicious gear, gems... you get the point.  I never really get sick of flipping items because I kinda get a gold making high off of buying things really cheap and selling them for 3 or 4 times more than what I paid for them.  Below you will find a list of my favorite items to flip on the auction house.  Keep in mind this post will always be a WIP.

What exactly is flipping you ask?  I just so happen to have a video here that talks about that and more!

Arida's Flipping Madness



Enchanting Mats
 I often use the TSM destroying section to get these mats.  Watch the video here.


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